Leakproof. Secure. High Load Capacity.

Monolithic and produced in one pour, giving a consistently leakproof concrete structure - all part of these state-of-the-art modern manhole bases.

In addition, customized product requirements can be implemented using economical and sustainable manufacturing, with quick and reliable availability. With PERFECT, set new quality standards for surface drainage and waste water systems.

  • The entire structure of the monolithic manhole base - the base, wall, and channel/berm - and particularly the pipe connections, are reliably leakproof.
  • Precise moulding of the channel and pipe connection.
  • Gaskets for many types of pipe are permanently cast into the concrete during production.
  • Subsequent additional connections can be produced without destroying the component.

Individual product benefits. Impressive. Sustainable.

  • Consistently high concrete quality
  • Ideal flow properties thanks to a smooth change in the incline and angle in channels and pipe connections
  • Leakproof connections for all pipe variations and dimensions
  • Joint-free, pore-free surfaces in the channel
  • Minimal water penetration in all concrete surfaces
  • Simple adjustment of manhole height due to variable component heights
  • Precise joints for reliable load transfer and sealing
  • Sustainable, since they are resource-saving and are easy to recycle
  • High load-bearing capacity under static and dynamic loads

The major difference compared to plastic manholes

  • Complete flexibility for customized channel geometries
  • Quick and secure installation, including filling and compression
  • Economical components for long-lasting sewage systems
  • Protected against uplift, even when the groundwater level fluctuates
  • Manhole components made of concrete are statically predictable in a proven manner. The overall structure takes on the project-specific loads without the use of ready-mixed concrete.