A robust concrete pipe with PERFECT HDPE Liner ensures…

... corrosion resistance.
HDPE can withstand a chemical strain of pH 1–pH 14. And do so long term!

… a secure combination.
The concrete-HDPE composite is reliable all the way through to the pipe joint thanks to a partially increased number of anchors. Even when the ambient temperature varies during transport and storage.

... pull-out and abrasion resistance.
The liner creates a solid connection with the concrete pipe via anchors on the back. The abrasion-resistant lining is designed to have an operational life of more than 100 years.

... high-pressure jet resistance.
A liner thickness of just 1.65 mm withstands all high-pressure rinse procedures which have been proven
by tests done on test specimens and pipe runs, including a stationary jet test.

... perfect connections.
Leakproof side connections can be added at the factory as a welded system or at the construction site with standard connecting pieces.

... easy inspection.
The yellow liner with inner labelling is perfectly suited for inspection via camera.

... an optimized use of plastic materials.
The load capacity is assumed by the concrete pipe with a 1.65 mm-thick optimized liner. The optimum thickness has been tested in numerous research projects and therefore ensures the necessary corrosion protection.

... the perfect symbiosis between HDPE and concrete.

Technical Data PERFECT LINER

Material: Polyethylene, PE-HD
Minimum thickness (mm): 1.65
Maximum thickness (mm): 2.5
Standard widths (mm): 980/2980
Standard colour: Yellow
Anchor length (mm): 7.5
Delivery unit/length (m per coil): 80
Weight (kg pro coil 1.65/2980 mm): 510

PERFECT Connector

A robust concrete pipe with PERFECT HDPE Liner requires the perfect connection.

Pluggable and Efficient.

The pipe-to-pipe connection is sealed via the connector which has already been fitted at the factory. One advantage to this is that plastic welding is avoided at the construction site and a faster installation rate can be achieved.

Flexible Beyond Installation.
A plug connection remains flexible. The connectors accommodate for normal ground settlements or angulations, and the pipe system remains leakproof under shear load as well.

Corrosion Protection.
The consistency of the pipe run’s corrosion protection remains perfectly intact thanks to the plastic plug connector.

Component Protection.
The interior connectors are protected during transport, installation, and operation by the bell of the concrete pipe.

Leakproof. Pre-installed. Secure.
Tilting lip gaskets are used to create a permanent seal. They each have two sealing lips and are pre-mounted on the connector. Their proven impermeability makes them suitable for use in water extraction areas.

Recyclable. Compliant.
Even after years of use, all of the materials are recyclable.

Step rungs

  • Safe steps for concrete manhole components (manhole bases, risers, cones)
  • No sharp corners or edges, anti-slip surface.
  • Extra wide (300mm) step width.
  • Spark proof, high impact polymer covering.
  • Completely covered with plastic for total corrosion protection
  • Superior pullout resistance, in excess of recommended safety standards, also for subsequent installation in wall-plugged or pre-drilled manhole components.
  • Installation during production of risers of cones with all practicable production machines.
  • Different colours for different types of steps.
  • Constant high product quality, secured by Europe's largest manufacturer of manhole steps, ecoTECHNIC.