Concrete pressure pipe are long lasting due to their resilience, strength and corrosion resistance. Concrete pressure pipes are selfsupporting structures and can therefore be installed in accordance with the standard installation practices used for reinforced concrete pipes. The use of concrete pressure pipes promotes regional value creation due to the use of locally available materials and the creation of employment opportunities in pipe manufacturing.

  • Water Transmission Lines
  • Water Mains
  • Wastewater Gravity Sewers
  • Wastewater Mains
  • Dam Principal Spillways
  • Water Treatment Plants – Process Lines
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants – Process Lines
  • Industrial Process Lines
  • Chilled Water Lines
  • Power Plant Cooling and Make-up Water Lines
  • Subaqueous Intake and Outfall Lines
  • Pile Supported Lines
  • Carrier Pipe in Tunnel Casings

Plant concept PCCP production

The plant can be designed for the manufacture of lined and embedded steel cylinder concrete pressure pipes. Pressure pipes with a nominal diameter of up to and including 1500 mm/60 inches are frequently lined steel cylinder concrete pipes. Pressure pipes with nominal diameters above 1500 mm/60 inches are embedded steel cylinder concrete pressure pipes.

For the production of pressure pipes the following equipment is being required:

  • End-ring shop machinery
  • Automatic helicoidal welding machine for steel cylinder production
  • Machines for welding end-rings and hydrostatic testing of the steel cylinders
  • Machines and mould equipment for lining and embedding of the steel cylinders
  • Wire pre-stressing machine
  • Coating machine

Performance profile PCCP production

The production of concrete pressure pipes requires extensive know-how and well engineered production technology for the entire pipe manufacturing process, but in particular in the two main areas of steel processing and concrete technologies.

Dependent on pressure classes and the nominal diameter of the required pipe, concrete pressure pipes can be manufactured as lined cylinder pipes (LCP) or as embedded cylinder pipes (ECP) with an adapted steel wall thickness for the cylinder and adapted steel wire qualities (wire thickness, gradient, multiple winding). The design of concrete pressure pipe takes advantage of the best properties of both the concrete and the steel.

Steel cylinder production is suited for processing sheet metal with a thickness from 1,5mm to 6,5 mm. 

Planning is important but execution is critical. Equipment and systems must perform in accordance with functional requirements and detailed design specifications.

SCHLUESSELBAUER is the leading supplier of production technology for pressure pipes according to the US-Standards AWWA C301-99 und 304-99 and the European standard EN642 for pre-stressed steel cylinder pressure pipes with concrete lined or embedded steel cylinder. SCHLUESSELBAUER provides concept to commissioning services:

  • Planning PCCP production plants
  • Product Design and Development
  • Facility Commissioning
  • Personnel Training
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Marketing
  • Documentation PCCP production plants

Automation PCCP production

  • Curing chambers
  • Handling-equipment and plant automation depending on the required capacity