Product parameters

  • up to Ø 168 inches (4200 mm) or up to 118 x 118 inches (2970 x 2970 mm) external dimension, single production
  • up to 12 ft. (3600 mm) building height
  • up to 66000 lbs. (30000 kg) product weight

  • Reinforced and non-reinforced concrete pipes
  • jacking pipes
  • Manhole components (manhole rings, cones, manhole pipes)
  • Non-circular diameter concrete products
  • Special products upon request

Plant concept

  • EXACT XL as sole production machine with manual product transport.
  • EXACT XL as fully automatic production system. Including production, transport and storage of the products, as well as cleaning, oiling and the manipulation of the headers and pallets.

Performance profile

  • Single production with one station or operation as a multiple-station plant
  • Production with optional use of top pallets
  • Optional use of TRANSEXACT automated crane for combined steadily handling of fresh and cured products, headers and pallets