Extensive automation is required for a truly industrial way of manufacturing when high production volumes, low man hour/ton rates and a consistent high product quality is needed and shall be achieved.

Besides all the different production machines, SCHLUESSELBAUER offers all further production related equipment needed in a fully automated factory for concrete elements. Hydrostatic – and vacuum testing machines, automated stencilling equipment, robotics for product handling as well as fully automated systems for the pallet and header management, pallet and header cleaning systems are available. All this equipment is designed, developed and built in our works in Austria.

However, automation of parts of the entire production processes helps to optimize the product quality and to reduce the cost for personnel. Automated feeding of reinforcement cages and pallets, single steel hoops and lift anchors, the automatic casting in of step elements are some examples of plant/machine automation we offer.


Reinforcement cages are automatically fed to the production machine with CAGEMASTER. Feeding the magazine can be carried out manually or with an overhead crane.

Cagemaster consists of two major elements:the reinforcement-cage conveyor and the reinforcement cage inverter. Cages are placed - from the operator of the reinforcement cage machine - on the conveyor and subsequently brought into the workspace of the inverter. The fully automated inverter places the cages on the next free bottom pallet of the bottem pallet injector.


Single reinforcement hoops are easily and safely fed into the production plant for automated production with HOOPMASTER.


When producing manholes, the steps are automatically fed to the production machine using the STEPMASTER and directly cast into the concrete element. The plant operator can conveniently place the steps into the STEPMASTER near the control desk.


Automated infeed of bottom and top pallets


The insert device enables the process of inserting anchors as part of the automatic production process. The insertion of the transport anchors is done manually and directly at the jacket. The anchor is then held in its defined position by an electromagnet and released at the time of demoulding.


Automated cleaning of top and bottom pallets is indispensable for modern plants.

CLEANMASTER automatically adapts itself to pallets of all dimensions, resulting in minimized abrasion of the cleaning brushes. The cleaned pallets are automatically transported to the pallet storage system.


In this unit, the bottom and top pallets are automatically oiled and stored, or brought back into the production cycle.

While rotating, the pallets are oiled by a sponge so to reduce the use of oil and prevent spillage, which could lead to injury.


The automatic transport and storage system for concrete plants. The main reason for using an automated transport and storage system is to automate the safe and quick execution of tasks previously done manually. Furthermore the TRANSEXACT contributes to a high degree of order and cleanness in the production area.

TRANSEXACT manages a variety of tasks:

  • Transportation of fresh products from the production machine to product storage.
  • Transportation of cured products from product storage to the depalletising area.
  • The automatic stripping of set rings from the cured products, with subsequent transportation back to the production machine.
  • Automatic storing and removing of set rings from storage.
  • Automatic storing and removing of bottom pallets and headers from the pallet storage.

The use of most modern technology in connection with smart programs makes TRANSEXACT an economic and reliable operating transport and storage system. Suitably planned hardware and software lead to economically calculated advantages:

  • No personnel costs, since no personnel is required in the plant.
  • High product quality through very smooth transport of  fresh products.
  • Low space requirement through ideal planning of product storage, and, if necessary, storage on different levels.
  • Orderly, clean and automatic storage of bottom pallets and headers.


Controlled product curing in closed chambers warrants constant production conditions and fast density for concrete pipes, manhole components, palisades, etc. The product storage is separated into several chambers, which are serviced by the TRANSEXACT automatic crane.

After one chamber has been completely filled, it is closed with special covers by the automatic crane. In the closed-in chamber the warmth and humidity, resulting from the setting of cement, creates a perfect independent climate. This process increases product quality and accelerates the curing time.

Furthermore, Schlüsselbauer offers a system for controlled heat treatment, which offers additional advantages. After all the chambers have been completely filled, the Transexact automatically opens the chamber with the longest curing time and transports the final concrete products to the handling plant.


Fast and simple removal of concrete remnants on spigot ends.

On the spigot end the deburring is made on the inner side. On the bell end, both inner and outer sides are deburred. Adaptation to the right diameter can be done automatically, or manually by altering the rotating arms and adjusting the deburring pin to the required pipe dimension.


The quality control of finished pipes and manholes in concrete plants has become implicit in recent years by the means of most modern technologies.

To ensure the quality of each manufactured pipe or manhole, each singe element is vacuum tested. Additionally, the pipe spigot ends are calibrated automatically.

Of course, all testing data is saved by a Schlüsselbauer custom-made software, which enables complete documentation.


Automatic marking of the produced pipes and manhole components with the producers data and the corresponding test code. Pipe and manhole devices are automatically marked with the company logo, indication, numbers, date and test result, thus guaranteeing a later identification.