Con Cast, Jensen premier Schlüsselbauer’s HDPE lining technology
Con Cast, Jensen premier Schlüsselbauer’s HDPE lining technology

Schlüsselbauer North America has recently introduced The Perfect Technology for wet cast concrete pipe and manholes, enabling U.S. and Canadian drainage structure producers to add high density polyethyene-lined offerings for sanitary sewer and aggressive applications. The manufacturer presents Perfect Pipe as an ideal combination of HDPE conduit and high strength concrete structure, fulfilling essential demands for effluent disposal. Lined pipe exhibits resistance to chemical attack; static load capacity, including in vehicle traffic conditions; and, ease of handling on site. 

Perfect Pipe sewer lines can be constructed with or without integrated gaskets and reinforced or plain concrete. Thanks to the Perfect Connector, no field welding of the liner is required during installation. The connector also protects the line against infiltration and exfiltration. The 1.65- to 3-mm thick Perfect liner is abrasion resistant; equal to chemical exposure up to a pH of 1.0; and, fastened to pipe walls with anchors rated at 56-lb. withdrawal resistance. 

The premier North American Perfect Pipe sources are Ontario’s Con Cast Pipe and Nevada’s Jensen Precast. The former delivered 206 meters of 600-mm diameter product installed at 9.5-meter depth for a Regional Municipality of Peel sanitary sewer line. Jensen Precast delivered 16-in. diameter Perfect Pipe for a Pima County, Ariz., sewer line subject to high flow volume and static loading. — Schlüsselbauer North America,

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