With PERFECT FORMING TECHNOLOGY, you make the distinctions in the production of different concrete products for infrastructure. Ease of operation and a limitless variety of moulds give you a decisive advantage over the competition.

The use of SCC (self-compacting concrete) creates a component quality which distinguishes itself from conventionally manufactured products. But let’s spell out the advantages of the new production technology:

A production system that makes everything possible.
Whether round, angular, or oval, including made-to-measure.

Our mould technology provides for a quick and safe production of precast concrete parts through precise engineering. This creates an optimal solution for every task.

The right solution for every requirement

PERFECT FORMING TECHNOLOGY and your automatization stages.

The Stationary Version

The individual moulds do not move, all materials are brought to the moulds. The hardened product is demoulded in the same position. The worker determines the suitable sequence of work steps.

The Simple Scheduled Production

The moulds move in a defined process, scheduled throughout the production. This results in a clear division of tasks and a comprehensible production sequence.

The Simple Scheduled Production with Automated Mould Handling

From demoulding to refilling, the moulds follow the predetermined schedule. The system takes over the management of the hardening area, including storage and removal.

The Fully Automated Production Process

The version with the highest degree of automation is designed for standard products. Skilled employees have more of a supervisory function.

Combination of Part and Full Automation

Combination of the production of mass-produced products and special products in a cycle: Here, skilled employees are sometimes responsible for supervisory functions and sometimes for the performance of individual work steps, depending on the daily production program.

The control of the production system goes far beyond simple machine control. Useful, effective, and economically positive capacity planning is the goal. Our individuality in system conception allows us to find the perfect solution for every requirement.

PERFECT Forming Technology

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