SCHLUESSELBAUER offers besides production equipment a large variety of different parts and components which are an integral part of many precast concrete elements.

These are for instance step rungs for manhole elements in several designs, corrosion-resistant HDPE lining for pipes, pipe connectors and - gaskets as well as polystyrene elements, holeformers and gaskets for the production of custom made monolithic manhole bases.

For manufacturers of high quality concrete precast elements SCHLUESSELBAUER offers a large variety of components and services in all significant aspects of production from one single source.

  • Holeformers for concrete precast parts like manhole components (manhole bases, risers, cones)
  • Precise forming parts for fabrication of round shaped block outs, culverts and specified pipe connections.
  • Holeformer diameter DN100 up to DN1000.
  • Preassembled gaskets which enable an absolutely dense fit of concrete and gasket are available for specified pipe connections.


Solvent-free release agent paste for smooth formwork and shuttering​

Product details:

  • Paste-like formwork wax
  • Good biodegradability
  • Creates a weather resistant separating film immediately after application. Afterwards the concrete can be poured into the formwork.
  • Very good releasing effect
  • Solvent free
  • Little odour
  • Ready to use
  • Water hazardous class: 1

Application Areas

  • Smooth formworks, e.g. steel-, plastic- and polymer-modified wooden formworks
  • Especially suitable for detail-moulding in precast manufacturing
  • Suitable for high quality, even fairfaced concrete surfaces