Concrete-HDPE composite pipes. The quality standard in pipeline construction.

The use of PERFECT PIPE is the first step towards a new dimension of wastewater systems.

The concrete-HDPE composite pipes lined with the PERFECT Liner give you a decisive advantage for handling our resources in a sustainable way.

Corrosion Resistant.
High Static Load Capacity.
Simple to Install.

The advantages are obvious. What? How? Why?

  • Service Life.
    More than 100 years thanks to the corrosion resistance and high abrasion resistance of the HDPE liners in the robust concrete pipes.
  • Completely Leakproof.
    The interior PERFECT Connector provides for a tight seal and flexibility from pipe to pipe.
  • Planning Reliability.
    PERFECT PIPE stands out thanks to its high static load capacity and long-lasting form stability – there are no cross-sectional changes, even in the long run.
  • Optimized Resources.
    Time-saving and secure during transport, installation, maintenance, and dismantling.
  • Versatile and Individual.
    Even when different pipe geometries are used, only one connection system is required. Suitable for use in both open construction and pipe jacking.