Concrete pipe production

The SCHLUESSELBAUER machines and plants for the production of concrete pipes are available as fully automated production systems designed for one-man operation or as single - stand alone - production machines with predominantly manual – or semiautomatic operation.

A large variety of different pipe manufacturing technologies and production processes for different concrete pipes, such as PERFECT PIPE, a auto cast concrete - HDPE composite pipe, vertical dry cast jacking pipe, prestressed concrete cylinder pipe and vertical dry cast reinforced concrete pipe are available.

Both, the pipe geometry / pipe design as well as the production capacity of the concrete pipe production equipment can be individually adapted to regional or customer specific requirements.

The degree of automation of the plants depends on the required production volume, the desired reduction of manual labour, stringent safety requirements and in particular the high quality requirements for the products to be produced.

With SCHLUESSELBAUERS different and sometimes unique pipe manufacturing technologies a large variety of concrete pipe for different applications can be produced in an economic manner - water mains, storm drain, sewerage pipe, open trench installation, pipe jacking / micro tunnelling.