Continuous furnaces in which glass powder is baked at approximately 900 degrees Celsius, with the addition of environmentally-friendly additives, are used to produce foam glass gravel.

The foam glass cake produced in this way breaks into foam glass gravel in the desired grain size after leaving the continuous furnace.

Schlüsselbauer entwickelt und fertigt Mehrzonen-Durchlauf-Öfen für die effiziente Herstellung von Schaumglasschotter und setzt das aus dem eigenen Betrieb von Schaumglas-Öfen gewonnene Know-how zum Vorteil seiner Kunden ein.

The production capacity of a Schlüsselbauer foam glass plant is approximately 200 cubic metres (poured volume) of foam glass gravel per day dependent on the materials used and the usage conditions and the desired product characteristics.
As a result of the unique combination of longstanding experience in the operation of foam glass plants and in-house development and production of foam glass plants, the Schlüsselbauer production plants are characterised by long component standing times, ease of maintenance and optimum quantity- and quality-related output.